Saturday, July 08, 2006


Senator Hillary Clinton was in San Francisco yesterday to raise money for Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Phil Angelides. In an article written by my long time friend Carla Marinucci, the event was one of those hoi poloi events where the press is put into a cage, sequestered from the people with money. OK, I'm exagerating about the cage, that's reserved for Fred Phelps.

Anyway, the good Senator ran out of the room when she was asked about Thursday's New York State Supreme Court ruling against gay marriage. That's right, the woman had no ovaries when it came time to answer a question about a ruling which will have profound effects on not only a good number of her constituents but also on all those homos who have written LARGE checks to her in the past. Stand up for us when she has a chance, not a chance. Show some leadership, nada. This is the part where I would start making snarky comments about her marriage but I will refrain. Well maybe this once...girl, your kind of marriage is the last hing I aspire to in this lifetime. And how long did you take that public humiliation? None of that flava for me thank you.

This goes back to the lack of a moral center. Does she have one? Why does a woman who has spent decades fighting for civil rights, run out of the room when asked about same sex marriage? I wonder what else we can scare her with? Pictures of our weddings? Maybe we should all send her pictures of our weddings so at least her staff can see the faces of the people she doesn't fully support. The pictures of us on the happiest day of our lives, in front of friends and family, getting to publicly state our commitment to each other. (You should my pictures, I started crying before anything even started.)

I was watching "Aliens" this afternoon. I realized I want a leader who will take on the Republicans like Sigourney Weaver did in that robot drag. She came out to kick butt and she kicked that monster right into outer space. Miss Ridley was fierce and looked killer in her little undies at the end. That's the leadership I want.

Will someone please step up and be that leader?

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Tom Graves said...

Hillary is on record as saying she doesn't support the right to marry for gays and lesbians. When I read that, I sent her an email telling her that I was tired of politicians taking my money with one hand while they rejected me and my basic civil rights with the other.

But in the final analysis, what most people don't fully comprehend yet is that Hillary is more conservative than Bill, and that's not good for GLBT people.

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