Monday, July 10, 2006

No Monday morning blahs for me

Alright, alright, I admit unemployment has its advantages. For someone who has been so work focused for a very long time, it is a hard to re-learn the fine art of goofing off. But I was able to watch the entire World Cup. (Zizu what were you thinking with that head butt???) I have been to Santa Cruz a number of times for fun. The yard looks fabulous. The veggies are all looking good as are all the flowers I have not been able to grow in 11 years.

Today, the California appeals court heard the latest discussion on the merits or demerits of same sex marriage. Since I was having trouble getting the webcast to work, I realized I LIVE in California so it was on tv. I am such a rocket scientist sometimes.

So I plopped down and watched the arguments. This was damn good theater, not to mention dedicated people fighting for our rights! I love that the city of San Francisco was arguing for gay marriage. I love Therese Stewart, her final argument was thoughtful, delivered well and really was quite wonderful! I love Shannon Minter, he was totally fierce today in his arguments for us. On the day we win, they both get big smooches from me.

For some reason, I didn't know that my lesbian godmothers, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, were two of the plaintiffs. If only in their lifetimes we get these rights... I asked Phyllis one time if they got married if I could be best butch.

I am very hopeful about the outcome of this hearing today. Apparently the decision won't be announced until October, just in time for a birthday present for me! A lemon poppyseed cake from Gayle's bakery and a marriage license, is that too much to ask?

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