Wednesday, November 08, 2006


To papraphrase my old friend Jeep, if I was any happier, I'd have to be twins. We took the House, are inches away from winning the Senate, Rumsfeld has resigned and Bush looked like a bitchy queen on his press conference. I got to spend yesterday afternoon with the wheel chair kids, go to the Sharks game and see them win and Evan Low won for Campbell City Council.

Now if only I could find a job, ah, life would be perfect. But I know a lot of folks were waiting on tomorrow before moving ahead so I am hopeful. Actually I feel more than hopeful, excited about the future is more like it.

Despite everything that has gone on this year, I feel really good right now finishing up this year. I am going to go plant tulips, make appointments with electeds to help with BAWSI, help get an event together with Billie Jean King in April at Stanford and get a good job.

Latest reports have Tester winning in Montana so if we win VA, and the count is going the right way for us, we will have the Senate, too. I am too happy to write much snarky stuff cus....there is no reason to do so today! These victories come too infrequently so I will celebrate.

To life, hope and the future, cheers!


Kathy said...

Cyber-champagne all around!

miss wild thing said...

OH cool! No hangovers that way!

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