Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What next?

I see Trent Lott has been elected to Republican leadership again in the US Senate. That's nice, a return to idiotic, racist sentiments accidentally falling out of his mouth are in the future. This will translate well to African American outreach for the Thugs. In WaPo there are a number of reasons given for his resurrection from the Civil War dead, by all white politicians. The African Americans in Congress have a much better memory. People of color can remember what racism looks like and feels like since we deal with it every day. I especially like the forgiveness part in the story. Did anyone ask any African Americans if they forgave General Lee, I mean Senator Lott for what he said? Oh wait, I am sure the token balck Republican, JC Watts, forgave him.

Hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving. The week after that I am going to run off to Miami to hang with my Cuban home boys. Five days in Miami with gay Cubans, how awful! I will have to read the Miami Journal every day to be able to keep up once I get down there. But, oh, do I look good in a Florida tan.

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