Monday, November 06, 2006

Tidal wave, I hope

Twas the night before the election and all through the House, Democrats were dancing but not in front of anyone else.

The numbers are wildly exciting, we look to kick the crap out the Rethugs tomorrow and take back the House. All the political reports say basically the same thing, Dems win between 25-35 seats, could be a tie in the Senate or we get the majority, 51-49. I can't stand it! What joy, what hope, what a chance to see justice in my lifetime.

The California Guv race is, as I have said, over. The Governator is probably the one high profile Dem who will win big tomorrow in a contested race. Of course that all depends on your definition of contested. Poor Angelides never got traction. In the Chronicle today, Ms Marinucci talks about a slice of gossip. The Governator could run for Senate against Barbara Boxer. Ok can't worry about that today. That contest will be in a few years.

In the meantime, vote, vote, vote. Go do something tomorrow. Don't look back on tomorrow with any regret.

I will be out waving yards signs around for known homosexual candidates, Evan Low for Campbell City Council and Clark Williams for San Jose City Council.

Also I will be posting California and New Mexico updates to Pam's House Blend. She will be part of the CNN blog reports tomorrow night. Also keep up on the blogs because I know we in the blogosphere will more up to date than the MSM.

I hope to see Ken mehlman's pants go up in flames tomorrow live.

And I can hear the wailing now, waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Too bad, big babies. Go change your diapers.

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