Thursday, November 02, 2006

Post Halloween

Here's a sweet story about the history of Halloween in the Castro. In those years I had wanted to go to the Castro but somehow got stuck in the wildness of Santa Cruz and Halloween there. Now both places are way too violent to even take a chance.

But back in the day in Santa Cruz, what a great time I had cruising the downtown on Halloween weekend. There were hundreds of people out on the sidewalks and there were a couple of big time costume contests happening so the sheer imagination of contestants was mind blowing. Of course, back in those days, that was the point-to not have a mind by Sunday morning. It was festive, fun and made up of community people. Now there are stabbings, gun fire and various other forms of mayhem that have become Halloween. It's almost like New Year's Eve, strictly amateur hour.

The Sharks lost tonight, the last weekend before the elections in upon us with more crap to be dumped on us by desperate candidates from a desperate party. I think I will play soccer and read, pretend like none of this is happening.

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