Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Deny, deny

I am shocked and stunned. The Russian secret police, the FSB, are denying any poisonings. According to Moscow News they are saying it is all lies. What a laugh. Like they were going to come right out say, "Yes, this is our weapon of choice. We punish our enemies with secret liquids in their foods to maim and kill them." That's exactly the response I would expect from Putin the Poisoner.

Alexander Litvinenko was moved yesterday into critical care as his health took a down turn. But the FSB says it is "nonsense" that they would be involved. Russia must be the most ironic place on earth if all these enemies of the Kremlin just happen to get poisoned.

This reminds me of how the boyars tried to get rid of Rasputin in 1916. Rasputin was invited to the palace of one of Nicholas's cousins, Felix Yusopov. They first poisoned him and when that didn't work, they shot him. Even after being poisoned and shot, Rasputin was still alive. Sos Yusopov and his buddies dragged Raputin to the Neva River, chipped a hole in the ice and threw him in. When his body was discovered three days later, there was water in his lungs showing that he was still alive when he was tossed in the river.

I guess the modern Russian assasins have gotten more efficient.

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