Sunday, November 05, 2006

Missing Janet

As I get older, I realize I've met a lot of people in that time. some are just blips on the radar and some create a warm spot in the heart forever. Janet Hogan was one of those warm spots.

Yesterday I was reading the obits in the San Jose paper and there was her obit. I couldn;t believe it, I was so shocked and sad.

We used to work together at Seagate many moons ago. Then I ended up living with her and her twin sister, Annie, for a few years. They both are very. very special women.

Janet was diagnosed with brain cancer 5 weeks ago and died last week. Today was her service. After soccer I ran up to the mountains to go to the memorial. So many things were going through my head on the drive up about Janet and our times together.

She was such a gentle soul and always kind to me. She and Annie helped me through some rough times, took me in and gave me a family when I didn't have one.

They helped me make one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make, to give up my dog. Since I was so lacking in resources in those days, physical,mental and spiritual, they knew my dog needed a real home, something I couldn't give him. But they were there for me with lots of love and hugs after I gave him away. That must be why I have so many dogs now, to make up for that loss.

I hadn't seen in her years but thought of her often, always lovingly. She showed me how to love animals, be kind to other beings, how to enjoy life in simpler terms. Janet also put up a newspaper headline on the fridge, Thousands Flee as Gloria Approaches, for Hurricane Gloria. I loved hanging out with her and laughing, talking about books and life, carrying on like a couple of crazy girls. We all went to reggae concerts, listened to music, read books at the dinner table.

Funny how I usually want to hide out with grief. But today it is telling the story of Janet Hogan and how I loved my friend and the world is a little less bright with her passing.

I'll miss you.

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