Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Day

A little bit of analysis as my brain is able to put things together.

It is very important to note that the overwhelming tide of anti-gay marriage amendments votes did not affect the outcome of the general election. The useful little referendums designed to bring out the homohaters who would also vote for homohating Republicans did not work. Period.

We didn't win most of those ballot measures but we did win in Arizona. We now have the model for what works, not just some theory. Enough with all the experts coming in from DC, locals now know how to win.

So what this also signals is the end of the slimy relationship with the R's and the radical conservatives. The bible thumpers are squealing today about the losses and blaming the cabal of Giulani/McCain/Romney for the losses. This is going to be an ugly break up. Bush won't be able to suck up to those conservative types anymore cus it's break up time. Just can't do it anymore.

And we have many unanswered questions now, too. Bush gave Rummy to boot over Cheney's apparent disapproval. So not only is Rummy out but now Bush is shoving Cheney out of the moving car. Bush didn't even slow the car down to push his ass out. And where does Rove end up now that his strategery has failed? I think Mehlman gets the next boot off the island and who knows who is next.

Just take a look at the new cast coming on to the stage. Bush Jr is starting to get close to Daddy's folks at the expense of Cheney and his thugs. The new guy at Defense is one of Daddy's home boys as is James Baker. Baker will be revealing the results of his Iraq Study group report any day now to keep the news cycle on the ReThugs. The Study Group will be filled with all kinds of wonderful stories and fables which will allow us to get out of Iraq in order to, once again, save Jr's ass. But at least there is a chance now to stop the madness and save some lives. Not to mention the joy of watching the political demise of Daddy Dobson and his ilk.

Oh happy day!

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