Thursday, July 19, 2007

You say tomato

I am starting to giveaway the tomato fruits of my labor. My tomato plants are over 6 feet tall and starting to pop out cherry toms plus I plucked two today of some sort of heirloom. It is called something weird like Uncle Bert's radiator mortgage lifter. I am waiting to see the Black Pineapple variety not to mention the Early Girl that has disappeared in the wilds of this garden. The cherry toms are now wrapped around the 7 foot sunflower.

The squash is really taking off which is nothing short of frightening. My aunt in New Mexico wants some squash flowers because she cooks them. She said just get the male flowers because they won't produce fruit. Which of course begs the question of how do you tell a male flower. She got me when she said to look for their little balls.

It is now the middle of summer and I am much more interested in the progress of the tomato jungle than the jungle of legislation. Watching the garden grow is much more of a contribution to my sanity thus providing inner peace for moi.

Summer in this part of California is a time of lovely evenings, green grass, picnics and barbecues. And now tomatoes. I am doing my best to enjoy all of it.

So goodbye politics for the day, hello ripe veggies. Funny thing, I don't even like tomatoes. But many people around me do so I am making my contribution to salads and salsas, sauce and shishkabob. Ahhhhhh, summer.

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