Monday, July 23, 2007


Today I went to the funeral of a man who lived across the street from my family on Toledo Av. He was 83 years old and had been married to his wife for 54 years. While it was sad at the funeral and ungodly hot in the church, the get together afterwards was a great moment in life.

To be around some of the women I grew up with was a laugh riot, something to savor and a time to remember. We caught up on all our illnesses, our parents, kids (not that I have any to report) and childhood nicknames. We took pics together and ribbed each other about things like fainting in church.

It sure would be nice of we could find ways in our busy lives to get together for something besides a funeral. I making a mental note to do that before October. A neighborhood reunion before another funeral. What a concept.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm...what happens in October???? ;-)

Gloria said...

Hockey, you boob!

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