Thursday, July 05, 2007

Too hot!

Today I ran up to San Francisco for a rally in support of students who are fasting for a week in support of the DREAM Act. That particular bill died last week with the rest of the immigration bill. Students from all over the state are fasting and have now converged in San Francisco to try to get Nancy Pelosi's attention. I heard her staff person telling them they should be talking to Zoe Lofgren's office. Students have been out there for three days fasting away.

Of course I am much more interested in the latest Villagairosa gossip. Seems the woman he has been having an affair with for A YEAR has had previous dalliances with Fabian Nuñez and other Latino political types. Summer is much more fun with gossip.

This however, makes the 2010 gubernatorial race much more interesting. Now Gavin is back in the race because his indiscretions are even up with LA's mayor. Handsome boy cheaters for Guv.

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