Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Different scooter

I have a different take on the Scooter Libby get out of jail crappola.

First, I have to say I find it outrageous that Paris Hilton served more time than Libby. Hell, I have served more time than Libby.

Second, is this the dame crowd that howls at the moon every night over "illegals" crossing the border? Is this the same crowd who was apoplectic over "amnesty" for undocumented people? Is this not amnesty for Scooter? Is this not the same frigging thing except one guy belongs to the country club and the other people are just plain brown? I say yes.

So while people are outraged over this piece of caca from Bush, let us not forget the people who go left by the wayside last week with the collapse of the immigration bill. They will still live in the shadows while the real criminals live in DC.

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Anonymous said...

Important point, should be on the editorial page.

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