Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spare me

Today is Jo's California graduation party. We are anxiously putting bags of ice together with clam dip, sodas and key lime pies. I think I will have to put up some pics here from familia and friends who join us today.

What a great way to forget the sorry state of the world, the country and the total lack of integrity by Republicans. Senator Vitter of Louisiana and his addiction to prostitutes both in LA and DC is a real knee slapper. I enjoy this even more since the self-righteous hypocrite claimed at one point that the need to install homophobia in the Constitution was the single most important issue in this country. He was one of the lead sponsors on the Defense of Marriage Amendment.

Hypocrisy thy name is Vitter.

In the meantime, we at this lesbo house will enjoy the company of family and friends. with children in the front yard running theough sprinklers. So who has the real family values?


The Grateful Gardener said...

Clam dip? I didn't see any clam dip? Dang. Otherwise, wonderful party with wonderful people celebrating a wonderful accomplishment!

miss wild thing said...

I had mental pause and forgot to ake pictures.

There was clam dip in two separate places so no one could hog it as has been known to happen.

miss wild thing said...
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miss wild thing said...

Take pictures, I forgot to take pictures.

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