Monday, July 23, 2007

tomato tragedy

I had no idea gardening could be so dangerous.

For people who know me, this is not news. I am very short. I can also be a tad impatient. The combination of the two elements caused me grief yesterday.

As I have said before, the tomatoes are growing briskly. There are many cages up to keep the plants up and off the ground. I spied tomatoes in the middle of the jungle yesterday afternoon. So rather than wait for Jo to come help me, I just started leaning over and leaning over and then I was surrounded by tomato plants having fallen into the garden. Flat on my ass, crushing I don't know what.

I finally asked Jo to come over and help me try to put everything back together with the new cages I had just bought. A timely purchase.

But dammit, all that work and now my vibrant veggie garden looks schmoozed. Not to mention how embarrassed I am.

Oh well, back to work and waiting for someone tall enough to pick the toms.

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