Saturday, July 07, 2007


Just got back from a 70's flashback concert featuring Sly and the Family Stone. It would have been easy to feel ripped off because Sly only was on for two songs. However, it would appear that the promoter was a boob, hired really bad sound guys who never managed to have a band up on stage without feedback. So it wasn't a case of Sly being flaky or anything, he was jamming and really getting into the music.

Sly is about 60 something now. He came on stage looking weary. He looked like he had really lived through the 60's and grabbed every slice of whatever was offered. But that voice was unmistakable. However thanks to the sound people, his mic didn't work, we couldn't hear his organ, two of the singers had to share a mic and oh yes, there was feedback.

On top of it, the sound system was so f*cked up, it took forever in between the Average White Band and Sly to try to get things going. So while we were politely waiting, the boob promoter got on stage and started doing a God speech. Dressed for a party, mister want-to-be-important started telling us about God in his life. Whatever.

Then he made a comment that he would stop talking soon and people started clapping. He was shocked, I tell you, shocked that we didn't want to hear him. A precious moment in the evening.

At any rate, the band was jamming, we were dancing and then, boom, it was over. Seems there is a city ordinance that no music can be played after 9. So with all the technical f/u's we were all left a little hungry for more of the man.

The tickets were cheap, we had a girls night out so I don't feel bad about the evening. We heard from Tierra, El Chicano and Malo playing their greatest hits. Average White Band was impressive and played a fabulous set. There was no alcohol so the crowd was very mellow. The weather was nice, the tunes were great and we got to see Sly. Ah yes, summer in California.

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