Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yeah baby

I started to write about some holiday downer and then came to my senses. Since I have been invited back for a second job interview after Christmas I am now officially deliriously happy.

What a nut case I am acting like a dissertation on death and dying is nice reading less than 2 weeks before Christmas. Time to go shopping I say! Oh wait, I am almost done shopping. Time to finish the Christmas cards, wrap presents tomorrow, watch the Sharks, oh yes, I get to have fun.

Ruby the now tail less cat is doing well, the two long haired dogs have been shorn of their hair, some long lost cousins are coming for our Christmas party at my sister's house and life is good. I am going to Sharks game Saturday night, my cousin's family is coming over Friday to see our animated tree and Christmas village (see picture), I have gas in my car and presents under the tree. Yeah baby, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....


Julie R. Enszer said...

Yes, celebrate and be happy! The Christmas houses look great. You should be with Kim she has our whole house dolled up as well. I've had my nose down working on papers. I finish today though. . . . Good luck at the second job interview!!!


miss wild thing said...

I have Christmas trees throughout the house. I am celebrating Christmas without snow!

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