Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The day after

I think I am stoned on cookies. I am having a hard time putting sentences together and am just fixated on the box of sparkley cookies sitting on the table. Must...eat...another...one.

As usual, my Christmas day was spent with family. We feasted over presents and pork on Christmas morning. One of my nieces works in the bra department of the local Nordstrom's so she had us roaring over bra fittings for the large and small woman. Yes, but we seem so normal.

By the end of the prime rib feast at my sister's, I needed to be in a room by myself. No jokes, no tv, no relatives anywhere to be seen. Just the dogs and cats. OK, maybe Jo.

Today was spent in catatonic bliss. Waking up for a half and hour and then going back to bed, because I could. This is what the holidays are really about, gluttony and sleeping.

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