Monday, December 18, 2006

A few random thoughts

Gore/Obama anyone?

I will be interested to see who announces their Presidential candidacy before the end of the year. John Edwards will be announcing in the lower 9th ward soon. I would also bet that my former Governor, Bill Richardson will get out of the blocks soon too. Giuliani right after the first of the year, I'd wager.

Rosie O for Price is Right?

Evan Low for State Assembly? Oh wait, he hasn't even been on the Campbell city Council for a month yet. I got a little ahead.

The gas prices keep going up so BushCo is punishing us firmly and reminding us who is really in charge.

Can anything happen related to LGBT rights without HRC sending out a press release? Today it was commentary about the new Log Cabin director. Oh boy, I so don't care. If the public only knew about the behind the scenes scandals, I wonder if the money would keep flowing.

The L Word comes back in two weeks. Now we can see how stupid Bette will fix her kidnapping her baby situation. Carmen is gone but Marlee Matlin and Cybill Shepherd are joing the cast. Sigh, no Latinas.

Don't forget New Orleans.

Find some way to make your community better.

Have fun.

Let someone merge in on the road.

Be kind to animals.

Be kind to children.

Be kind to people older than yourself.

Be grateful for one thing today.

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