Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Elian's house

While in Miami I spent a fair amount of time reading Cuba Confidential by Anne Louse Bardach. This book is about the Cuban community in Miami, Elian, of course Castro and all the politics of these intersections. One of the reasons to read the book is because my friend, Jorge, who I was staying with, his brother is the mayor of Miami. His brother was one of Elian's attorneys. His brother, Manny, was in the house negotiating with the Attorney General's office when the feds came crashing in the door to get Elian.

I got Jorge to drive me over to the house where all this transpired. This is the picture of the house. There is a photo on the right hand side of the palm tree in the middle of the yard. The photo is of Elian's mother, Lizbeth Broton, who died on the trip over the Florida Straits.

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