Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Virgen de Guadalupe

Yesterday, Dec 12th was the feast day of the Virgen of Guadalupe. For most Mexicans, she is considered the patron saint of Mexico. I would include myself in that group.

While my grandparents were devoted to San Martin de Porres and St Jude, I had always felt much more drawn to Mama Lupe because of her maternal image and desire for good things to happen for her people.

Today I have an old calender picture that belonged to my great grandmother and have various images of her around my house. She has, of course, a heavenly look on her face but I also feel the warmth and concern of the dark skinned mother.

A few years back, my cousin lost his son in some sort of freak incident. Looked like SIDS but wasn't. Anyway, we were all devastated with this loss of an 18 month old child. The aftermath was painful with months of loss of faith, doubt about the future and frustration with having a huge gap in all our lives. I kept praying to the Virgen asking for some help.

I went to Mexico for the feast day with my co-worker to stay at her parents house in Juarez. What I saw was an amazing display of devotion and faith. Thousands of people were dancing, singing and praying both inside and outside the Cathedral in Juarez. Additionally, there were a number of crosses in front of the Cathedral calling attention to the women who have disappeared around Juarez.

There was a large painted picture of the Virgen in the plaza that I stopped to visit with there. I asked Mama to help my cousin and bring that baby to them. She promised she would do that but I had to promise to always help the Mexican people. Fair enough, I was given talents to help people and these are my people so I should help my family.

Riley will be four next month. She came to my cousins within seconds of her birth. I go over and see her at least once a week.

Yesterday I had an interview with an agency that works for immigrants. They already asked me back for a second interview. Thanks, Mamita, I promise to help the family.


Kathy said...

Wonderful news! I'll keep my fingers crossed -- and say a prayer too.

Julie R. Enszer said...

Very cool about the interview! Sorry we couldn't connect via telephone yesterday. Hope you are well. Smooches.

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