Saturday, December 02, 2006


So I have no job, haven't had one in over 7 months now. But here I am in Miami at my friends Jorge and Dylan's house.

Thanks to the magic of electronic communication, I have now listened to the Sharks game in Detroit, finally got on to my blog and am up-to-date with my email. And I have a tan, had key lime pie and sat on Miami Beach the last two days.

Miami has a special tropical beat to it. There are so many nationalities and cultures here, it just vibrates at a different speed than other places I've been to. Driving is an adventure. Jorge says you don't make signal changes because that would give away your strategy. Red lights are just a suggestion.

Today was also the 50th anniversary of Castro's revolution in Cuba. He was not sighted at the military parade celebrating both his birthday and the revolution. Yesterday I was at the beach and was thinking what if Castro is declared dead, how would I know? Yes, in MIami I had that rocket scientist thought. Like there wouldn't be a massive explosion from the Cuban emigre community in the streets of Miami. Duh. From the Miami Herald coverage about the

There is more on the Russian poisoning in London. I'm still following it but, hey I am in Miami and will get back to this on Monday with pics.

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