Monday, May 14, 2007


Back in the bad old days of AIDS, the 80's and 90's, there used to be a safety net for people living with AIDS. There was medicine, there were doctors, there were food banks, there was a way to pay for the meds. Apparently those days are long gone.

I just talked to a friend living with HIV who just had a minor stroke. He is not able to use his left hand except, as he described it, as a claw. But he is back at work now because he can't afford to not work and not have insurance. His spouse is on Medical and they just had to pay $900 for a dose of medicine. One prescription. I mean WTF kind of care is that?

If you don't have the right insurance and don't have the dough you die, right? So here is a guy who can't use both hands needing to work so he can pay for his spouse's meds because the feds won't help. This is the same kind of care this administration has given us. This is way beyond benign neglect, it is a kick in the ass, a kick to the curb and driving over people with a steam roller all combined to create an illusion of care. The same thing can be seen in military hospitals, New Orleans indigent care and county hospitals all over the country.

I don't know that this many morons could be found this easily all over the country let alone running the government. Between the lies, the scandals, the sheer ineptitude, it is a wonder there is any semblance of infrastructure left. It is truly heinous what we are witnessing. And there are still more than 600 days left for this man to destroy our spirit.

So what is the answer? Who knows? Universal health care? I wish. Who can one trust to offer real health care reform and the needed real health care? This is one of those conundrums of life in the US. The most advanced country in the world allegedly and the government seems content to let its citizens suffer.

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