Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No way!

This is just too much. State Senator Carole Migden was involved in a car crash, driving her state leased vehicle last Friday. Migden, who is not known for her sunny disposition, may actually have been involved in as many as three crashes that day. According to the Chronicle, she may have bounced off a center divider and a median divider.

On top of this, she disclosed that the reason she may have been driving impaired is because she has leukemia and has been getting treated for the condition for years. So now she must be headed for chemo rehab to explain all this away.

Migden, a lesbian, is involved in one of the bitchiest re-election battles right now with gay state Assemblyman Mark Leno. For those who have been to Castro street, imagine the two of them rolling in a ball down Castro, pulling each other's hair.

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