Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grocery list

I drove to Sacramento today, the second time this week and was terrified I would see Carole Migden on the road. The CHP is citing her for not one but two accidents last Friday. Apparently she has given up driving until she finds out what is wrong. Oh don't get me started.

This has been quite the week for me, including the afore mentioned Sac trips. I went to Santa Cruz Tuesday morning for the funeral of my first sponsor. She lived to be a ripe 92 and died with 59 years sober. She was treated like a saint in the Santa Cruz AA community. I have to admit I was somewhat shocked at the turnout. I thought it would be overflow crowds at both the rosary and the funeral. Both were respectable showings but I guess now that people are sober they have jobs and can't just take off for funerals.

Monday was immigrant day at the Capitol and I was overworked and underpaid for that day. Between 400 and 500 people came from all over the state to lobby legislators on a variety of issues, including health care, citizenship services and increases for programs. It was really cool to see the diversity of participants and the various issues. Plus it was a nice day. I went to a meeting with staff from the Governator's office. Priceless moment: I mentioned that immigrants are very diverse in California. The staff member replied that he knew that, after all he is an immigrant from Austria. Um, missed the point, babe.

My gal is about to be and edumacated woman. She will be graduating next month from the National Labor College and finished her statistics class tonight. Whoohoo, break out the ice cream!


konagod said...

Mmmmm, ICE CREAM! I'll bring cake.

miss wild thing said...

Lemon poppy seed cake!

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