Saturday, May 26, 2007


This long weekend appears to be one of my hiding out times. There are moments when paying attention to the world is just too painful. Between the whales being stuck in the Sacramento river to the liars that run the country, no wonder all I want to do is garden. So garden I did all day. (That was a very Yodaesque sentence, think I.)

I believe I am growing some sort of nuclear garden. Apparently I am a little too good with the soil after all those years of working in New Mexico crap. Now I have poppies that are over 4 feet tall and a tomato plant that is being held up by a regular tomato cage and two other square cages. It has overtaken a large portion of the veggie garden. Until this year the veggie garden was a sandbox. So it is now a salsa garden with chiles, tomatoes, onions and cilantro all growing at a brisk rate. Nuclear, actually.

Last night we went to see Captain Jack Sparrow and Miss Elizabeth Swann in the latest installment of Pirates. Somehow I had the idea that we would take my three little cousins to go see this flick. What the hell was I thinking? It is nearly 3 hours in length with tons of violence and a complicated plot. Great for me but not so good for a four year old. So Shrek it is!

My cousin's son is quite the character. He told his older sister the other day that he was better cus he has a pickle. You know, that pickle.

Thank goodness for those kids, they are constant reminder to me to have hope. Of course, I always get to walk away from them if they get to be too much. That's the advantage of being the favorite aunt/cousin, I can get them all worked up and leave. What an ass, huh?

Well I don't want to turn this into too much of a reality show so I guess I will just end the adventure now. Hopefully there will be Pirates 4.

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