Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I just returned from LA where I attended a meeting for progressive organizations to talk strategy. The retreat was held at the Serra retreat center in Malibu. It was such a lovely place to meet and talk about the upcoming years and what the ramifications are for us in the progressive movement.

Among my peers from the Bay Area, I have such a hard time understanding them sometimes. Not a language thing but they really like to "go deep" in their analysis and I have never dealt with politics at this level before. As I tell them, I have no idea where they are going but I try to follow them down the path.

But today we had a chance to visit, hang out and get to know each other. Apparently none of them knew I was the class clown so I had them laughing at lunch with my standard going out to dinner lines. So it was fun to entertain a whole new audience. Oh boy, my lines won't be all stale old jokes!

At the center I had such a nice time wandering among the gardens, looking out at the ocean, watching the sparrows and hummingbirds and walking among the gazillion lizards. It was a place to reconnect with myself for a bit. Plus I had forgotten my cell phone, my work email is not working so I was cut off from my normal pushes and pulls. It was actually a bit teary over leaving because that meant back to work. Waaaah.

So now I will see if the Congress has enough ovaries to do something about this damn war, whether Wolfie gets the boot from the World Bank and what my purple poppies look like in the morning.

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