Monday, August 27, 2007

Today's lesson

I grew up on Toledo Avenue in Santa Clara. It was idyllic in its suburbaness, open front doors, kids who played in the streets, sleepovers, hide and seek. Across the street from us were the "N" family. Mom was the nicest person I have ever met in the world. That is still true. Mom has cancer now and I have been meeting her at the hospital while she gets the poison known as chemotherapy pumped in to her veins.

Today I went and met mom at the hospital so I can get my own blood drawn and she needed to do the same. From there we went to donut heaven, Stan's donuts. We talked about a lot of things on Toledo Av. Then I took her to see my mom so they could visit. They were best friends for years and years so it was nice to see them together again, chatting away...

From there I took neighbor mom to a mental institution to see her youngest daughter who is schizophrenic. Today is the daughter's birthday. I haven't seen the daughter in probably 35 years. She has lived a really hard life and every inch shows on her face. She is missing a lot of teeth, is in a wheel chair and is a ward of the state. We talked and I humored her about going out to a movie or something. I lasted a half an hour.

I took mom back to her car and promised to see her tomorrow at chemo. The next time I think about being sad, I will remember that institution. Today could have been a great day to see the downfall of Alberto Gonzalez but I saw the face of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses instead. I have to remember today that I have a good life even if I live in Bush's America.

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