Monday, August 06, 2007

Just Kos

I couldn't go to DKos this year. Or last year for that matter. Last year I was new to the blogospere, this year, no mon means no fun.

On the other hand, I posted a diary once on Kos and got reamed. That was really no fun. I think I am too old to be fanatical but old enough to be thoughtful about my time and resources. I don't like going places where I am not wanted.

The blogosphere is the Wild West, not many rules, lots of flames and cybershots. I finally found some thoughtful places to hang out besides over at Pam's pad and with Blabbeando.

This last weekend was the DKos convention. All the big blogs were posting about what a good time they had there. I felt like the really uncool person in high school again. The "couldn't get there, no ride" syndrome I remember all too well from Buchser High in the 70's. Yup, no job, no money to spend on a weekend in Chicago, watching from the outside as everyone else got to rub elbows and do movies and blog about each other.

Now there has been some blowback about the WaPo doing an article saying the group was mostly white male. The women participants are talking about their apparent invisibility to the media. Point well taken.

However, I think it is irritating that there are also wide spread concessions that the gathering was nearly as diverse or representative of the blogosphere. To which I would respond, I think it is probably very reflective of the blogosphere.

Recently I was interviewed by a woman talking to Latino bloggers. She had some looking to do in order to find us. Look at the composition of the big blogs, where are the women, where are the people of color? With the exception of Pachacutec at FireDogLake, I can't really find POC in the top groups. Remember earlier this year when Clinton invited top bloggers to meet with him? Not a person of color to be seen at a meeting in Harlem. I'll give AmericaBlog props for inviting Pam on to that blog but one sister does not make diversity in the blogosphere.

I asked Digby to feature more people of color blogs, invite us to guest blog, do something. All those blogs at the top have opened doors now it is time to let some of the rest of come through.

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