Friday, August 24, 2007

Not yet

So this weekend the DNC is hosting the pimp the party in Las Vegas. All the minority groups are being told how fabulous it is that the Dean scream machine has taken away all the dedicated staff and made us in to one big happy family. And I forgot to go, damnit.

As I was listening to Air America today I was reminded about the fact that no one has cast a vote yet for any candidate and yet the MSM is proclaiming Hillary the winner of all primaries to come. Which then reminded me of Dean's scream in Iowa and how Dean was going to win it all and then, whoops, he lost. Could we be having another case of deja vu? Or could it be the season is already too long and I can't care yet.

Yes well tomorrow I have a high school reunion and who cares about Presidential elections in the face of seeing people from Buchser High? Not me.

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