Monday, August 13, 2007

Today's lesson

Today I got to have lunch with one of my dearest friends from high school. I think I have been closer to him than any other straight man in my life. Ironic too that he is a "born again" with, I think, some pretty conservative views. In our conversation though, we talked about our shared life experiences, as adult children of alcoholics, as jocks, and how different our lives would have been if some things had been different in our youth.

He was a VERY high draft number, like, 12. That year the draft was put on hold and he didn't have to go to Vietnam. We both applied to Chico State and we had planned on living together. I got in to Chico and he didn't. He got married very young, like when he was 20. I, obviously, became a big lesbo.

So while I am jubilant that Karl Rove is going to hit the road, I was reminded that I have real relationships and history with real people who are conservative. So I may disagree with home politically but it doesn't matter. He is still my brother and we share a very long history together. In the end, humanity wins.

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