Saturday, June 09, 2007

SJ Pride

It is San Jose Pride weekend. I spent the better part of the day at the festival. Unlike my brother, Nikolai Alekseev in Moscow, I am able to go to Pride, not be harassed, have conversations witht he police and not worry about getting beaten up or thrown in jail. Tomorrow I will be back at it, registering people to vote, sticking rainbow Democratic stickers on people and having a great time.

Happy Pride!


Alla Nikonov said...

"sticking rainbow Democratic stickers"

Now I see how stupid was ME, not you.:( I did not know (one more time you did not put it into your profile) that you are for Democrats. The same Democrats that just gave Bush cart blansh to mass-murder, torture, jail without trial and rob even more Iraqis and Afghans. You really can be proud, I see. I would not bother you more, do not worry.

miss wild thing said...

Well considering that I hate Bush like 79% of the population here, I am not in the minority. But see the Democrats here welcome lgbt people. Sorry to see you go.

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