Thursday, June 21, 2007

Memory lane

Today was a really great for a stroll down memory lane. I got to talk to a friend from high school and see another friend from college. Both were great strolls down memory lane, getting to catch up a little from times when we remembered more, weighed less and life was a little less complicated. Of course, I am having this nice memories without including all the times I got sick from drinking too much, got into trouble with the law and was barely able to function due to some combination of whatever.

But I did escape fairly intact from that time of my life, having learned a few lessons. It was really wonderful though to reconnect with these women. I am looking forward to having more catch up time with both of them in the very near future.

In the meantime I am flying into Darth Vader's capital tomorrow. Today the blogoshpere took notice of the fact that Cheney doesn't live by the rules of the rest of the country, let alone the executive branch. He now insists that his office is not part of sad branch so therefore rules don't apply to him. Please check out TPM Cafe here for further clarification of the new form of government in place. And thanks to Rahm Emmanuel for producing this chart with the suggestion that Cheney move out of the White House if he is not part of the Executive Branch.

I am also happy to provide this link showing that since I am the oldest child, I am the smartest. Drum roll please.

New research wholeheartedly agrees with Big Sis - she's much smarter than you are.

Scientists reported Thursday that first-born children, including those who become first after an older sibling dies young, tend to be smarter than subsequent offspring.

Now I will go read the comics.

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