Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gloves are off

I have known Donald Hitchcock for years. Our history goes back to when he and Paul first started going out. From the first I thought he was a very nice, gentle man who was a committed activist with a real moral center.

Donald has now sued his former employer, the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In a past life, he was the outreach person to the LGBT community for the DNC. But he was fired, coincidentally, right after his partner, Paul Yandura, published a letter to donors asking them to stop giving money to the DNC because they were not helping the lgbt community. As in not helping with all the anti-gay propositions around the country, as in taking queer money but not giving anything back.

So this is the irony to me of this whole situation. The DNC did not help to stop anti-marriage propositions and we lost in every single election, out spent, out organized, kicked to the curb. But yet they want to treat our relationships as if they are equal. Donald and Paul were then treated as if they had equal privileges and equal rights so therefore Donald becomes responsible for Paul. 2 + 2 does not equal a queer three dollar bill. The DNC cannot have it both ways. You're equal when we want you to be equal but we will not pay you the same and won't treat you the same as say James Carville/Mary Matalin.

In full disclosure, I have known both Paul and Donald for double digit years. There has been some speculation in other places that Paul is a Log. Not that there is a problem with being a Log but you don't know Paul. He was head of the Stonewall Dems for a while, was the LGBT outreach desk for both Clinton campaigns. When I stay in DC, I try to stay at their home because they are fun, treat me well and we can gossip endlessly. They have always been helpful with whatever I have been doing there.

The lines have been drawn now. Stay loyal to a person who runs the party or stay loyal to your tribe. I have picked my tribe.

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