Monday, April 16, 2007

Tonight, tonight

So now that I am limping around and not so much hobbling on crutches, I went to the Sharks Stanley Cup game tonight. I was on both crutches and let me tell, what an amazing experience this was to not be fully capable in a large crowd.

I knew this already from other experiences with people in wheel chairs but sheesh, I had such a difficult time with people just walking, crossing, running in front of me. There was a fair amount of what? Selfishness? Self absorbtion? Total lack of attention to a person who was limited in the ability to walk? Stunning, really.

When I went to the bathroom, the women were at least friendly and not in a hurry to get around me. There were a number of men who were very kind and helpful while I was making my way to the jane. But for the most part I felt very invisible.

Quite the lesson learned tonight. Doesn't hurt to be kind to people with different abilities, they are people too.


Kathy said...

Just more proof that putting ourselves in others' shoes really does make us more empathetic. Too bad we can't make W do it.

Hope you lose the crutches soon!

miss wild thing said...

Damn, I will have stitches in my foot for another almost two weeks. So I have to keep taking a shower with a plastic bag, giant condom on to keep the wet away from the stitches.

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