Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A good day in the hood

I was going to get be all smug today on this post about my name appearing in an anti-immigrant blog. When I went to find it again, it was gone. Damn. The smugness will have to wait for another day.

I n the meantime I can celebrate the Sharks win tonight. I got my Stanley Cup tickets today, too. No work this weekend, thankfully, too. My red poppies are blooming out in front. I think I managed to make all my deadlines today. Whoohoo, a good day in the neighborhood for me. This gives me a chance to ignore Bush's stupidity of the day.

Oh but wait, why is he throwing such a fit about Nancy Pelosi going to Syria when there are Republicans there this week too? And why is he making asinine comments about Congress going off on vacation as he has one foot in the plane so he can go to Crawford? Ah the hypocrisy, it is always breathtaking.

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