Monday, April 23, 2007

Small and smaller

My world is getting smaller again. Now it is just down to the stitches in my Mexican left foot. Pain, pain and frustration. Nothing I need or want is ever near me. I always have to get up and get something, a pen, a phone, something to read. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I am clumsy and knock over things, spilling things and then there is the pain.

Here I am still working too. Today I had a legislative breakfast for my job, then had a meeting with an organizer/ Back to the office for messages, back home to the computer then off to the LGBT Dem club meeting. It's just Monday, too.

Immigration legislation looks even more fucked up now. Bush is pushing an immigration bill which doesn't allow for family reunification. Congressman Gutierrez was here this weekend pimping his bill and trying to scare people-it's either his bill or more raids. His bill or nothing, the big liar.

To top it off, Alberto Gonzalez still has the same job. That is just not right.

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