Monday, February 05, 2007

What next?

Oh no, now Gavin needs alcohol counseling! The excuse du jour, apparently, for politicians' bad behavior is apparently alcoholism. OK if I ran into a certain ex-Congressman at a 12 step meeting I would look from a different perspective. But I think now folks are using this as a convenient excuse and saying they will magically change through rehab. I am of the wait and see mentality.


Kathy said...

Well, that three-week stint of godly counseling did wonders for Ted Haggard -- he says he's cured of Teh Gay. Yep, completely heterosexual. All that gay sex wasn't really gay sex; it was just acting out. So maybe alcohol rehab really will cure adultery. Uh huh.

Jeremy said...

Don't pick on poor Gavin. Being that beautiful, everyday. I mean have you seen how white his teeth are? That doesn't happen without taking a psychic toil on him.

I for sure will be sending special prayers for Gavin tonight that that awful disease of alcoholism will rid him, and he won't be forced to have sex with the sexy wives of his non-sexy best friends.

prayers be to you, gavin, prayers be to you.


miss wild thing said...

Oh please Jeremy, you're so phony! You would love to get up close and personal with Gavin and see your face reflecting in his white teeth. I have seen him close up, he is quite gorgeous.

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