Sunday, February 04, 2007


A wonderful California afternoon awaits me outside. I have been gardening for a while after soccer and pre Stupor Bowl. I had to go give myself some hope after reading the blogs today about about the vile and evil Bush-Cheney machine. I wish Congress didn't move so slowly. Move those investigations along, call Cheney to the stand under oath, stop the massacre in the Justice Department appointments!!!!

Since I can;t do any of that, I must go dig in the earth with the firm belief that most of what I plant will grow. Can't be sure about the new peony but I have to try new things. That's a bigger lesson to learn too, trying new things and not being scared to try. That's too much to ponder today, the best I can manage is a new peony and blue poppy seeds.

In the meantime, hope awaits in an empty bed for beauty to blossom soon.

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