Thursday, February 15, 2007

End the war

I was listening to NPR tonight ont he way home. They were interviewing 2 freshman members of Congress. Obviously one was a Dem and one an R.

This chats never cease to amaze me. Even at this point, six weeks into the 110th Congress, this freshman R could lie with the best of them. To continually assert that the Dems are going to not protect the troops through this non-binding resolution is a lie, plan and simple. Add to that equation that the liar-in-chief is sending his "surge" into battle without enough battle armor and without the full complement of equipment possible makes me wonder what they are all smoking. And what the price will be in human lives for the arrogance of this man.

To top it off, a team of auditors disclosed in a Congressional hearings today that billions of dollars have been wasted in Iraq.
The three top auditors overseeing contract work in Iraq told a House committee that Defense and State department officials condoned or otherwise allowed poor accounting, repeated work delays, bloated expenses and payments for work shoddily or never done by U.S. contractors.

This is a government that holds everyone accountable but themselves. I can't even come up with the right analogy for how disgusting this behavior is. Nauseating? Too tame. Vile, maybe. Vomitrocious. That's it.

When will this nightmare end? 1/20/09.

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