Friday, February 02, 2007

Some thoughts

Back from freezing my ass off in DC. So here is what I know today:

No homos are responsible for Gavin Newsom's marriage/relationship woes. He just couldn't keep his peepee in his tipi. Check Ms Marinucci's coverage.

I want to be brave like Molly Ivins was, like Ann Richards was, even in the face of death.

If Mary Cheney doesn't want her lesbianism, her life, or her baby to be an issue, she should give back the million dollars she took for writing her shitty, whiny book. Then she might actually look like she has some principals. Don't take money for writing about your life and then complain when people have opinions about your life.

The DNC meetings start today in DC and I couldn't be happier to across the continent from the big circle jerk. I am picking up dog poop in the back yard instead. It's a better use of my time, cleaning up shit instead of creating more.

Now I have to go back and watch the ongoing Gavin stories. Straight men, sigh...


Julie R. Enszer said...

You were in DC? You didn't call?
I'm hurt.

Clark said...

Am I missing something about the Gavin "affair?" Weren't these two people consenting adults? I don't really care what Gavin does with his penis.

If respecting the marital vow is a litmus test for public office, a significant number of our current elected officials are in serious trouble. We better be careful about creating a lynch mob or we could lose some of our Democratic icons.

miss wild thing said...

Consenting adults, yes. One the supervisor of the other, that's a problem. Losing your campaign manager in an election year, bigger problem. A plan to run for Governor in 2012, I can just see the first ad.

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