Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nuggets and Tidbits

I am sure I am going to hell for this but....
here is a picture of Anna Nicole Smith's fridge, complete with SlimFast and methadone. The only thing missing is steroids.

I am reading the Newsweek article on her and the article makes me sad all over again. Apparently she didn't have any friends throughout her life. That is just one of the saddest thoughts in the world to me.

IN Sunday's SJ Mercury there was an article about the woman who dallied with Gavin Newsom, Ruby Rippey Tourk. In discussions with other members of 12 step groups I had been of the opinion that the 9th step Ms Ruby had done with her husband was really off base. From the Merc:
But some say she missed the fine print. Make amends, the ninth step says, ``except when to do so would injure them or others.''
So I wonder who gave her this kind of advice to do this when she was about two minutes sober? This whole situation was so damaging for so many people, it will take a long time for folks to build up trust in all corners of the City, starting at City Hall and the Tourk household. Good luck to everyone.

Got to give props where they are due, too. Yesterday was the third anniversary of Gavin giving marriage licenses in San Francisco City Hall. In the Chronicle today, there was coverage of the events at City Hall with hundreds of the couples who were married during the winter of love in San Francisco.

The picture I posted yesterday of me with Phyllis and Del was taken at their house last month. They were the first couple married at City Hall. They were not married by Gavin, contrary to popular rumor. But married they were and I dare George Bush to tell them they aren't married!

A big ol' shout out to Melissa McEwan at Shakes Sis for her courage and dignity while been attacked by an out of control Catholic for her personal opinions on her blog. Stop by and give some luvins to her and Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon for their courage under fire while working for John Edwards. Hard to believe this is the 21st century if you look at the mail Amanda received. I am waiting for the pitchforks and torches next.

Oh wait, I did get a letter from a Dean supporter threatening me with pitchforks and torches if the DNC didn't elect Dean as chair. I was white with fear.

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