Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sleepless in San Jose

It is well past midnight and I am one cranky bitch. Had a long week, I'm convinced Cheney's goons are outside to get me and I can't sleep. And no I am not doing drugs. I have been wandering around ebay looking for fix. I last left at weed trimmers. WTF? Sleep, that's all I want, is that so much to ask for in a 24 hour cycle? Apparently I am doomed now to read all these blogs and continue to absorb the shitty news of the world.

But I did see a large herd of deer up close today, proving there is a goddess. Now if only the goddess would shine her light on my cousin Steve so he can get a good job, close to home that he likes, I'm just askin.

For those of you cruising around looking for Evan Low sightings, I talked to the man tonight. He is going to go work at Senator Alquist's office. I will continue to be his groupie.

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