Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The State of the Union is over, let the spinning begin!

Let us start with my spinning at the Chronicle. This features my usual smart ass response to Bush and the Republicans.

How about that roar from the Dems when Madame Speaker was introduced? Madame Speaker certainly looked like Grandma Nancy a couple of times when Bush was trying to sell that fiasco in Iraq. I could tell she just wanted to reach over and whap the fool in the back of the head for getting us into all this trouble and then not being able to fix it. Would that be the same as all the oil company businesses he touched?

Afterwards when Lindsay Graham was reading the talking points verbatim about the Dems. Lindsay Graham from South Carolina said "Cut off the funding to the troops."

We didn't say the troops weren't to be trusted. We didn't say we had no faith in them. How could a guy who managed to stay out of Viet Nam and military service turn his fuck ups into a referendum on the troops? It's all about your mistakes, you boob. Now we know why Condi used the word augmentation.

Immigration plan? What immigration plan? Platitudes yes, immigration plan, no.

So now we can get down to some real work and see who has the biggest ovaries. My money is on Pelosi.


Kathy said...

I really tried to watch the SOTU all the way to the end, but I couldn't do it. The constant applause (for lines that really didn't deserve it) and the yammering on about nothing finally drove me to a rerun of L&O:SVU. I may be a straight woman, but I'd much rather look at Mariska Hargitay than at W.

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miss wild thing said...

I had to watch it to see what little he really proposed. Plus I had to watch Nancy Pelosi sitting in back of him.

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