Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well I had another few minutes of fame in yesterday's Chronicle. Ms Marinucci quoted me in her article about the Boxer/Condi exchange.

While the wing nuts were throwing themselves ont heir swords to protect Condi, everyone seems to have forgotten about Laura Bush's remark recently about Condi not running for Pres because she doesn't have immediately family to support such a run. According to Miss Laura, the husband at home is a necessary accessory for the SecState because one needs support to have such a big, important office. Here's the People magazine link with the quotes.

Haven;t we been down this road before with Mary Cheney? Mom and Dad have no problem declaring in public that Mary is a big lesbo. But let John Edwards or John Kerry say it and you would think she was a convicted felon or something. The night of the debate that Kerry said something about the Virgin Mary there was not a word from the Rethugs but next day, the sky was falling.

Condi is leaving a trail of disappointment in the Middle West but what's important is that Condi got insulted so there must be a complete overreaction. No wonder we can't get anything right and stop the killing.


Terry T. said...

Good quote in the Chron.

I liked this quote in the people magazine article from Bush:
"But I must tell you, I'm sleeping a lot better than people would assume. "

miss wild thing said...

Disgusting people, all of them

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