Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More thoughts on Mass.

Jo and I went to Mass. for the Democratic convention in 04. We stayed afterward and got married. We broke the law, just like all those interracial couples of decades ago, in order to have that marriage certificate.

The NM delegation was having our breakfast the last day of the convention. All the delegates were asked to introduce our guests. I introduced Jo and told everyone we were getting married on Sat. Now keep in mind, 4 years before, I had been slammed by NM delegates for even talking about marriage. This time we were applauded and congratulated by the whole delegation. We got a gift from the Lt Governor on behalf of the delegation. There were newspaper write ups and we were given many hugs and felicidades in the grocery stores and political events.

This vote in Mass won't take any of that away for us and the family and friends who attended. It pisses me off but I still have a marriage license. Those jackasses will have to pry it out my dead, cold hand to get it back.

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