Monday, January 08, 2007


Yesterday was a day in Disneyland. But I didn't have to go to Orange County for it, just San Francisco.

In between dancing because I got a job and the reality of not having every day open, I am trying to get all my loose ends tied up. In the 60's I would have said I have to get my shit together.

But this weekend was glorious, getting to spend some time in the morning with my favorite lesbian pioneers, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. We had zoomed into the City to get a couple of copies of a new book about their first ever lesbian organization, Daughters of Bilitis. The book is called Different Daughters by Marcia Gallo. It chronicles the work done by these women from the 50's. We asked them to sign their pictures in the book.

The highlight of getting to spend time with them is hearing the many stories. The pictures we had them sign were taken at a demonstration they helped organize to protest the inability of gays and lesbians to serve in the armed forces in 1966. How's that for a reminder of what has changed. Oh wait, nothing has changed.

We then went and met Julie and Marcy from Santa Fe. Julie has been one of my closest friends for about 12 years now. We spent the rest of the day with them, driving around SF, goofing off. I haven's seen Julie in a year and a half so it was pure bliss to get to see her. The weather was incredible, we were down by the ocean and didn't need a jacket at all. California at its finest.

I had forgotten how grand a day can be but yesterday was a wonderful reminder of the joy one can have in life.

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