Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why? Why? Why?

So as I was driving around town today, listening to big Ed Schultz, he made a point that was profoundly important, I thought.

He was wondering why the R's, who have broken Iraq into at least three big pieces, point fingers at the Dems and say they don't have a plan. So why don't the R's have a plan since they broke Iraq? Why are they not held responsible in the Pottery Barn way of you broke it you bought it?

Why are the two men who were kidnapped not called POW's when they were missing? Isn't this a war? Weren't they prisoners of war?

Why are undocumented aliens "illegals"? Because they are not really people. Your dishes at restaurants are magically taken off your table when you leave.

Why are LGBT people called any numbers of names, including fag, queer, dyke. Oh wait, we use those words. But the answer is still the same, we are not really people. So girl, get your hair done somewhere else!

Why can't gay and lesbian people get married? See above.

Why can't we have a Dem leader who is ethical, moral, compassionate, smart and tells the truth all the time? Because we haven't demanded as much from our Dem leaders.

Why am I playing in a soccer torunament this weekend in one of the hottest parts of California and think that is fun? That's the only answer I don't have. But I will let you know on Monday.

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