Saturday, June 17, 2006


This is my mom and my nephew, Ben. He didn't graduate from middle school on Friday, he was promoted to high school. Yeah baby, way to go!!!

The whole famn damily went out to eat to celebrate his promotion. It's fun trying to get all these Mexicans to one place at the same time and finding enough tables together. It helps speaking Spanish to the Latino staff, they are more than happy to help familia.

My partner and I picked him up from school the day before, embarrassing the crap out of him when we went to get him. We were waving a Mexican flag, honking the horn and yelling at him. I don't think I have seen him turn purple like that before.

This was a good reminder that I can make the nightmares of this administration go away for a few hours, have fun with my family and have hope for our future by teasing Ben mercilessly. If only every day was like this.


Tom Graves said...

Ben's a cutie! And he's really lucky to have two aunties like you two. Mwaaah!

miss wild thing said...

It's nice that a teenager can easily say "I love you," too. Mwaah back at ya.

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