Tuesday, June 27, 2006

this and that

In many ways, today was a trivial day for me. Measured up against a suicide and the impact it is having on people who never met Denice Denton, everything else feels trivial. I get to watch the World Cup, deal with a dead car battery, walk the dogs on a beautiful summer night- the trivial components of my life.

There are many things going on at the national level. The flag burning amendment lost today in another monstrous waste of the government's time. Rush Limbaugh was detained at the airport yesterday for having little blue erection pills under his doctor's name, not his name. Now just the thought of Rush Limbaugh with viagra is the stuff of nightmares. Then there is the breathtaking lie that George Bush uttered yesterday saying that he has always said that global warming is a serious problem. I didn't know whether to crap or go blind over that one. No wonder DC is flooding, here comes the rapture baby!

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Jeremy said...

I would like to report that the great DC flood of 2006 looks to be over.

In its place is a sweltering heat, and depleted poll numbers for MD's republican gov. and rising poll numbers for the Dem challenger to VA Allen's seat.... maybe the flood waters have started the sea change...

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